Hello and welcome!


Thank you for making your way over. This is my personal web site and I am proud to say I made it myself as an effort to see if I could. And I did. It’s not that hard actually although it has taken me forever to get to this current version. Mostly copy issues rather than technical. Typical flake, me. If using my name in the URL seems self-centred then I make no apologies. It made most sense as opposed to creating some clever handle that would have to be added to people’s list of things to remember. Based on this article, I’ve done right.

I’ve kept it simple because I think that’s how web-sites should be. Besides, this is as much as I can manage; it serves my purpose. One of which is posterity, something to look back on from my shack in Tuscany. Something to celebrate my 50th year with!

The main intent here is simply to make this an all-in-one/one-stop site for all things that I can do, based on all the things that I am. 

  1. - a mum to three grown sons and a cat

  2. - a Marketing Communications professional with 25 years of insights and practical knowledge to share

  3. - a baker/cook seeking fame through lasagna, sardine rolls and (reluctantly) the trendy Red Velvet cake amongst lots more

What I hope this will do is inspire you to seek my assistance: write a plan, orchestrate an event, manage a client, audit your web-site, blog for you, bake a cake, give a talk about being a single mum... I’m open to many things.

Regardless of whether we eventually go on a journey together, thank you once again for being here. As I always say, love me, laugh with me or leave me be. And don’t forget the pat on the head i.e. *like*. If you do, that is. And share. Me likey all that!

Meanwhile, remember, life is too short to be doing the same thing over and over again.



P.S. I must must credit the very talented Wendy in London for making me look as young and pretty as I am in real life and Rozy for the clever angle of those to-kill-for ankles. Shoes are from last season, bought from my favourite on-line boutique and come with red soles; anklet is now a limited edition piece that I got from Mouawad. Ankles, I’m afraid, are not for sale.


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